Founded by BJ Bushur, we are successful B2B technology sales leaders, who have helped 100+ companies scale sales efforts to reach record revenue growth and catapult many clients into IPO’s or acquisitions.


We are former software sales leaders who have built successful software and professional services sales teams at B2B companies that went public and were purchased at high premiums by larger companies.


Foundation6 transforms sales by providing the framework, methodology, tools, training and expertise necessary to scale sales…and then work our way out of a job.


Foundation6 helps start new or improve existing sales efforts.   These initiatives include: changing the overall sales model, implementing a new sales strategy, launching new product sales, focused target account selling.  We help launch new sales efforts including sales development, inside sales, enterprise sales, renewal and account management organizations.


B2B technology companies who sell directly and possibly thru indirect channels. We engage with senior management, working closely with sales and marketing leaders, sales development, and business operations.

helps clients:

  • Build a measurable, scalable sales engine
  • Optimize sales results as you scale
  • Provide key metrics to enable smart investment decisions
  • Increase average deal size, new clients and win rates
  • Improve your visibility into sales obstacles and inhibitors
  • Minimize risk as you grow your sales
  • Decrease time to get to executing effective sales strategies
  • Drive more revenue from marketing and sales-developed leads
  • Provide objective views into key decisions
  • Diagnose problems and solutions more quickly
  • Identify best profile(s) of sales talent for your company
  • Accelerate time to productivity for new sales hires
Why Foundation6

Foundation6 was named for the 6 pillars of a solid sales foundation.
The sales organization needs to be built upon solid:

  • sales process from lead-to-close
  • sales metrics
  • sales training
  • sales tools
  • sales systems
  • sales compensation